Re: [pygtk] gnome-python split proposal

On 2004-08-28, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <gjc inescporto pt> wrote:
>   I just realized that there is a project called python-gtkextra, so
> pygtk-extra is bound to cause some confusion.  Any ideas for alternative
> names? Does gnome-python-extra sound good?  Any other idea?  Thanks.

pygtk-addon, python-gnome-plus, python-gnome-sharp, 
python-gnome-pound-sign (TM), python-gnome-vender, 
python-gnome-world, python-gnome-hello-world?

Anyway, I hope some convenient routines floating around the
pygtk list can be included in the extra modules. This will maximize
the code reuse and efficiency to all kind of developers. Of course 
there should be a good review process on which routine should be 
included and how the APIs should look like. Good documentation should be
a prerequisite. Maybe a pygtk-utils/cookies module for this purpose.

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