Re: what is .defs ?

On 20/09/04 13:12, Muthiah Annamalai wrote:

Can someone please teach me, how to use the .defs files
to translate them into respective target binding language?
Please show pointers to resources, if you cannot afford a detailed reply.
Im working on an Octave binding for GTK+.
The defs file format is simply a format used to describe APIs similar to GTK's (ie. object oriented C using GObject). It contains the information necessary to associate the functions GTK provides to the objects they act as methods for, and provides various other bits of information that is either not available in the headers or difficult to extract.

If you want to use it for your Octave bindings, you will need to write a code generator to generate bindings code from the .defs file. Rather than starting from scratch, you could try modifying the code generator for another GTK binding to work with Octave.


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