Re: what is .defs ?

James Henstridge <james jamesh id au> writes:

> On 20/09/04 13:12, Muthiah Annamalai wrote:
>>Can someone please teach me, how to use the .defs files
>>to translate them into respective target binding language?
>> Please show pointers to resources, if you cannot afford a detailed
>> reply.
>>Im working on an Octave binding for GTK+.
> The defs file format is simply a format used to describe APIs similar
> to GTK's (ie. object oriented C using GObject).  It contains the
> information necessary to associate the functions GTK provides to the
> objects they act as methods for, and provides various other bits of
> information that is either not available in the headers or difficult
> to extract.
> If you want to use it for your Octave bindings, you will need to write
> a code generator to generate bindings code from the .defs file.
> Rather than starting from scratch, you could try modifying the code
> generator for another GTK binding to work with Octave.
True. I'd be willing to cooperate with someone to get Octave support
into G-Wrap, just in case you're interested in that. FYI: G-Wrap is
the wrapper generator underlying the Guile-GNOME bindings. The core of
guile-gnome provides a .defs parser that intructs G-Wrap according to
the .defs file. So if G-Wrap were extended to support Octave, you
could re-use the other infrastructure from guile-gnome.

Cheers, Rotty
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