Re: Revisiting the Gnome Bindings

Denis, maybe you can comment on how people can get their packages into

Ross said:
> Murray Cumming said:
>> e (Gtk2-Perl) have rpms (for rh8, rh9, fd1, and fd2) on sourceforge and>
>> debs
>>> (which i think are in the offical repositories) for almost all of the
>>> individual modules.
>> I recommend that you try to make those fedora packages part of
>> because I think that's the most standard place to get semi-official
>> 3rd-party packages for fedora, and maybe the best way to be "ready" for
>> distribution/support/easy-installation in Red Hat Linux (Desktop,
>> Enterprise, whatever) if they ever want that. Opinions differ, however.
>> That's what we are doing with gtkmm.
> i guess i should look into it again. last time i looked i found 10 places
> saying 10 different things, though i guess that may of been due to the
> merging/splitting of redhat/fedora not long before.
> if you all (and/or myself) find success we ought to record how we went
> about
> it for others to follow. perhaps there would be some benifit to gain if
> all of
> the bindings worked together to get acceptance to each distro. (the more
> people we have talking about it the more likely they are to accept them.)
> i
> don't think we can ever get all of the gnome-bindings accepted wholesale,
> but
> a united front would likely have its advantages.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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