Re: Revisiting the Gnome Bindings

>>Maybe you would like to make contact with the various distros,
>>and/or encourage the individual bindings projects to do this.
>>I have had a little success with this for gtkmm.
> This should be the job of the Gnome Foundation, not yours or mine.

No, the GNOME Foundation does not do work unless it's absolutely
impossible for other people to do the work. GNOME has no way to force
anybody to do work, even if those people are members of the GNOME board.

The Foundation can, however, act as a single official voice where that is
necessary. So, for instance, if you (or some people) have done lots of
work to coordinate with the distros, and you still somehow need some
official proclamation from the board then they might be able to do that.


> Besides, *I* have done my part

So, I invite other people to make contact with their distros and find out
if /why all of the bindings will be packaged. language-bindings gnome org
is a good place to coordinate/discuss this.

> (yes, except cluttering Pat's mailbox
> asking
> him to include the bindings). I have reported via

I don't know about the distros, but I find that is the not best
way to communicate with me.

>> I think that perl developers are familiar with using CPAN. And I think
>> that might be the best way to install those bindings. I'm not an expert
>> on
>> that though.
> I am talking about the users. Exactly because most distros don't package
> the
> bindings, the users will find themselves in need to install them by hand.

Yes, sorry. Maybe the gtk-perl people can comment on this.

> So, where's that distro support a year later? Debian only
> supports it in its experimental tree,

Debian unstable has good support for gtkmm and pygtk in unstable at least,
not just in experimental. And that's what will soon become stable.

> I blame "marketing"

By the way, there is a gnome marketing list, though I guess they are aimed
at users and managers.


I would like to recommend that you edit your emails for brevity, so that
more people read them.

I share your concerns, but I disagree that the answer is simply to tell
the Foundation board to fix it for us. I don't think that's there job, and
I don't think they are the best people to do this. I think that the
requirements for that job are 1) Time and 2) Interest. That's how GNOME

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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