Re: Revisiting the Gnome Bindings

Murray Cumming said:

> [snip]
>>> I think that perl developers are familiar with using CPAN. And I think
>>> that might be the best way to install those bindings. I'm not an expert
>>> on
>>> that though.
>> I am talking about the users. Exactly because most distros don't package
>> the
>> bindings, the users will find themselves in need to install them by hand.
> Yes, sorry. Maybe the gtk-perl people can comment on this.

we (Gtk2-Perl) have rpms (for rh8, rh9, fd1, and fd2) on sourceforge and debs
(which i think are in the offical repositories) for almost all of the
individual modules. i belive we've been picked up and put into the gentoo
system as well. i wish we'd get picked up into more distros (as everyone does)
but until there are apps distributed using the bindings i don't know how much
success we'll have.

beyond that most intermediate (perl) users are pretty comfortable with CPAN
and that probably is the most common way to get some or all of the Gtk2-Perl


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