Re: Revisiting the Gnome Bindings

Murray Cumming said:
> e (Gtk2-Perl) have rpms (for rh8, rh9, fd1, and fd2) on sourceforge and> debs
>> (which i think are in the offical repositories) for almost all of the
>> individual modules.
> I recommend that you try to make those fedora packages part of,
> because I think that's the most standard place to get semi-official
> 3rd-party packages for fedora, and maybe the best way to be "ready" for
> distribution/support/easy-installation in Red Hat Linux (Desktop,
> Enterprise, whatever) if they ever want that. Opinions differ, however.
> That's what we are doing with gtkmm.

i guess i should look into it again. last time i looked i found 10 places
saying 10 different things, though i guess that may of been due to the
merging/splitting of redhat/fedora not long before.

if you all (and/or myself) find success we ought to record how we went about
it for others to follow. perhaps there would be some benifit to gain if all of
the bindings worked together to get acceptance to each distro. (the more
people we have talking about it the more likely they are to accept them.) i
don't think we can ever get all of the gnome-bindings accepted wholesale, but
a united front would likely have its advantages.


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