Announcing Octave-GTK

Hi Folks!

Octave-GTK is a language bindings project, trying to Octave
bindings to the GTK toolkit. We have been actively involved in
creating the language binding for Octave. Our team has written
the GD-Octave bindings to access GD Library from GNU Octave.
Octave-GTK is free software.

This mail is to announce the first usable signs of Octave-GTK,
which is very primitive, and still very much under development.

The Octave-GTK team is relieved to announce that, 
many of GTK functions [2083 functions] have been successfully 
autogenerated for Octave-GTK language bindings.

As much of the API is autogenerated, I would like people to test
it, write some test cases, and report usage problems with Octave-GTK.

Programming in Octave, using Octave-GTK.
# Use the concept of global variables to pass data around callbacks.
# Octave-GTK API is same as GTK C API.
# Pass name of the functions as string, for callbacks, not the function itself.
# Use gtk_main_quit, and other handlers to see the application quit properly.
# See ./test/product.m for a complete example.

Join our mailing lists at: 
        octave-gtk lists sourceforge net

Visit us on the web at:

The code for the project is posted in the link

We Solicit comments, querys and suggestions regarding Octave-GTK.


Lets Hack Octave-Gtk.

Lets Hack Octave-Gtk.

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