Re: [Fwd: Language bindings on]

On Mon, 2008-04-07 at 11:42 +0200, Johan Dahlin wrote:

> Hi all!
> I've done some changes to the bindings page on [1]
> * Removed all the language bindings that were <2.6
> * Added a GNOME Binding column
> This means a lot of (outdated) bindings are no longer present on the
> page. If you happen to be a maintainer of any of the following projects
> that got removed, even though your bindings are indeed up to date,
> please tell me as soon as possible and I'll add them back.

> * Gtk2Hs (

If possible I'd like to see this added back. I'm one of the maintainers.

I do realise we'd not added much support for new features in Gtk+ 2.8
and above but it does build and work against those versions. It is in
fairly widespread use in the Haskell community and we ship the windows
installer along with Gtk+ 2.10.x.

We are planning to add more of the newer apis but we are taking some
time to switch our binding autogeneration system from using the Gtk#
scripts to use the new .def files that pygtk and other bindings now use.

Once we've got that done, generating the bindings for the new apis
should be straightforward.

So basically I don't think we're sufficiently up to date with releases,
use and maintenance to justify remaining listed.


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