Re: [Usability]Re: Nautilus tree sidebar / location field

Hi Tuomas,

On 2 Aug 2002, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:

> > To recap, the discussion was about whether we could afford to remove the
> > location bar from Nautilus (also discussed in bug 82107). An argument

> > [Ctl+L]" menu item was suggested (bug 82112).  Currently, Nautilus focuses
> > the location bar (and shows it if it was hidden) when you press Ctl+L, but
> > something new would of course be required if we lost the location bar. For

> Why would we want to remove it totally? If it is hidden, it does not
> hurt you if you dont need it.

One reason could be to reduce "featuritis". I know Nautilus has already
been stripped from various Eazel-bells and whistles so it would not be
without precedent. However if a majority of the developers thinks the
location bar is an essential feature in Nautilus, then I'm certainly not
going to argue over that.

> Ctrl-L wont focus the panel applet if I have focus on the nautilus
> window.

I'm sure it could be programmed that way. Don't you agree a
well-polished "location" applet would be a good addition to the GNOME

> I am wondering what is wrong with the current solution? It works really
> well and if you dont like the location bar just keep it hidden..?

There are good reasons to -at least- keep the location bar hidden by
default; they are discussed in bug 82107.



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