Re: [Usability]Re: Nautilus tree sidebar / location field

On Fri, 2002-08-02 at 16:07, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
> One reason could be to reduce "featuritis". I know Nautilus has already
> been stripped from various Eazel-bells and whistles so it would not be
> without precedent. However if a majority of the developers thinks the
> location bar is an essential feature in Nautilus, then I'm certainly not
> going to argue over that.

Yep, a lot of people seem to like it. Plus it is handy and right there
when you need it. 

> > Ctrl-L wont focus the panel applet if I have focus on the nautilus
> > window.
> I'm sure it could be programmed that way. Don't you agree a
> well-polished "location" applet would be a good addition to the GNOME
> desktop?

Yeah. The commandline applet works already like that:

Regexp: ^(\/.*)$
Macro: nautilus \1

That gives you a nautilus window of a path if it starts with "/". You
might also want to make the ftp:// and smb:// things run Nautilus for

But I still think the location bar is more useful, since I can just type
Ctrl-L on the already focused nautilus window, and it focuses the entry,
so I can just type the thing and press enter. With the applet I'd need
to move focus to it etc.. 

But try the above, that works too, and keep the location bar hidden.

> > I am wondering what is wrong with the current solution? It works really
> > well and if you dont like the location bar just keep it hidden..?
> There are good reasons to -at least- keep the location bar hidden by
> default; they are discussed in bug 82107.

That I understand. Hiding it makes things cleaner, but removing it would
just make it very hard to jump to a very "far-away" path. Browsing from
/home/tigert/my_very/long/path/that/contains/the/files up first to root
level and then to some dir takes a lot of clicks :-/

Then on the other hand, Windows doesnt hide the location bar either. And
I dont use windows explorer as the web browser, even though I can. And
people can browse the web with nautilus if they want, using the galeon

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