Theme dir..


Since most things seem to be heading towards
$prefix/share/themes/themename/app-dir/ structure, we should do that for
Nautilus as well. Metacity just recently switched as well.

Currently we have:

                        `-> gtk/
                        `-> gtk-2.0/
                        `-> metacity-1/

or ~/.themes/[the same stuff]

So we should use ~/.themes/MyCoolTheme/nautilus-2.0/ and
$prefix/share/themes/MyCoolTheme/nautilus-2.0/  - though I remember we
discussed this already and most people did agree. 

Anyway, I hope this would happen as soon as possible, since then it
would be pretty easy to implement Metatheme as a simple program that
just sets a bunch of gconf keys according to the theme name - all the
sub-themes would exist on the same directory already. And I think it
really benefits us to have a common theme format for all the sub-parts
of the desktop. We could even have things like
~/.themes/MyCoolTheme/Wallpaper/ and ~/.themes/MyCoolTheme/Sounds/ -
maybe with some simple XML config file for the options..?

This is a bit offtopic to nautilus-list, but I somehow guess all the
people who are on gnome-desktop read this too..


:: :: Tuomas Kuosmanen  :: Art Director, Ximian :: ::
:: :: tigert ximian com ::       :: ::

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