Re: Theme dir..

Tuomas Kuosmanen <tigert ximian com> writes:
> Since most things seem to be heading towards
> $prefix/share/themes/themename/app-dir/ structure, we should do that for
> Nautilus as well. Metacity just recently switched as well.

Rather than causing breakage in Nautilus themes, could we just get rid
of Nautilus themes?

For icons (toolbar and file manager), we should have icon theme
instead that spans stock icons and such, and Alex already implemented
most of this using the shared spec with KDE.

For desktop background, it in no way belongs in the Nautilus theme;
it's entirely bizarre that the "Use Default Background" menu item goes
to some Nautilus theme background, instead of the default gnome
background from libgnome schemas file.

For the sidebar pieces, well, they should use a standard notebook
appearance IMO.

I don't know what else is in the Nautilus theme but I bet it's not
worth having a "Nautilus theme" concept.

In any case, moving the Nautilus themes is definitely a 2.2 feature,
and for 2.2 I'd rather see Nautilus themes die, short answer.


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