Re: [Usability]Re: Nautilus tree sidebar / location field

Hi Tuomas,

On 2 Aug 2002, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:

> > I'm sure it could be programmed that way. Don't you agree a
> > well-polished "location" applet would be a good addition to the GNOME
> > desktop?
> Yeah. The commandline applet works already like that:
> Regexp: ^(\/.*)$
> Macro: nautilus \1

I am not quite sure what you're trying to tell me here, but something
tells me a DND-handle-all-URI's applet on the panel like Calum proposed
would be easier to use than the commandline applet.

> But I still think the location bar is more useful, since I can just type

ok, point taken.

> /home/tigert/my_very/long/path/that/contains/the/files up first to root
> level and then to some dir takes a lot of clicks :-/

Remember in my first post about this I mentioned bug 41599 as a
prerequisite for my proposal to work. This bug requests a quick search
feature in the tree view (with tab completion for all I care ;) so the
type of task you're referring to wouldn't get any more arduous when the
location bar were hidden/removed.

> Then on the other hand, Windows doesnt hide the location bar either. And

Fortunately the GNOME project is not in the business of building Windows
equivalent desktops... :-}

> people can browse the web with nautilus if they want, using the galeon
> view.

But whether or not inline views are a Good Thing(TM) is quite another
discussion. I suggest you read the comments at for more
insights about that.



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