nautilus-2.0 mozilla-1.0

hi everyone!

i'm trying to compile gnome-2.0 on my linux (, following the instructions
from the gnome installation guide (gig-2.0 from i compiled and installed the source-packages
which are listed in the gig. now i finally got to nautilus-2.0. i want to use the mozilla component to be used
for html view in nautilus. (i installed mozilla-1.0 with the options recommended for nautilus).
but however it does not work: when i start nautilus and open an html-page (e.g.
it displays me plain text.

i the readme for nautilus i read that mozilla-0.9.5 is recommed for use with nautilus. is this still true for nautilus-2.0? or is it possible to use mozilla-1.0 (if yes how??)

what role does libgtkhtml play? as far as i understand is it a component for html display (alternative to mozilla)?
i also heard using gtkhtml whith nautilus is faster than the mozilla component; so should i just forget the problem
and use libgtkhtml?

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