Re: nautilus-2.0 mozilla-1.0

Hi Alexander,

On Mon, 2002-08-05 at 17:04, Alexander Kaplan wrote:
> which are listed in the gig. now i finally got to nautilus-2.0

	Good progress.

> I want to use the mozilla component to be used for html view in nautilus. 

	You're out of luck; unless you use some whacky in-progress development
version. Mozilla uses Gtk+ 1.2, and Nautilus Gtk+ 2.0, which would be
fine - but for the fact the embedding X and CORBA protocols change
incompatibly between Gnome 1.0 and 2.0.

> what role does libgtkhtml play? as far as i understand is it a
> component for html display (alternative to mozilla)? i also heard
> using gtkhtml whith nautilus is faster than the mozilla component; so
> should i just forget the problem and use libgtkhtml?

	There is a CVS module 'nautilus-gtkhtml' you can use, [IIRC] but
gtkhtml2 is pretty broken - it'd be better to use the port of gtkhtml1
which is smaller and quicker, but I know not if that works well as a
browser component.



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