Re: nautilus-2.0 mozilla-1.0

> > I want to use the mozilla component to be used for html view in nautilus.
> 	You're out of luck; unless you use some whacky in-progress development
> version. Mozilla uses Gtk+ 1.2, and Nautilus Gtk+ 2.0, which would be
> fine - but for the fact the embedding X and CORBA protocols change
> incompatibly between Gnome 1.0 and 2.0.
> > what role does libgtkhtml play? as far as i understand is it a
> > component for html display (alternative to mozilla)? i also heard
> > using gtkhtml whith nautilus is faster than the mozilla component; so
> > should i just forget the problem and use libgtkhtml?

He's actually not THAT out of luck. If you are patient and don't mind
compiling stuff yourself it is possible to compile Mozilla with
GTK2-support, Galeon, and use the Galeon view with Nautilus.

If you run Debian there is actually some snapshots in experimental, but I
do not know if they have the nautilus view enabled or not.


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