Re: Thankyou.

Damien Covey <djcovey softhome net> said:
> 1.\  Put a folders button the the toolbar similar to how gThumb does it.

Ive not used gthumb, but i have seen screenshots, but im not quite sure what 
this does?

> 2.\  Have another button on the toolbar called search.  This is one 
> feature that I find very difficult to get along without.  Just about 
> every file manager that I know of has the ability to search for, and in 
> files.  I would like to have the search in the sidebar beacause that way 
> I can see the files on the right and my search still in the sidbar.

I completely agree with this. I would really like to see search reintegrated 
into nautilus instead of having a seperate tool as we currently do. I think 
an ex-eazel employee is hacking on medusa and trying to get it to work with 
gnome2 and nautilus. perhaps we will see this functionality readded in the 

> 3.\  Give users that migrate from windows better access to external 
> storage devices.  I dont know how many times when friends/family use my 
> computer that I have to tell them how to find the CD drive.  I prepose 
> that in the sidebar we put "quicklinks" to these external storage 
> devices, or mount points (probably not all mount points, users dont need 
> to see swap etc.).  That way in the sidebar there would be the treeview 
> (full tree) and also root directories for all external devices.  It 
> might look something like this for a computer with 1 DVD drive and 1 CD 
> Drive and 1 Flash Drive .

This is tricky, I personally would really like how nautilus handles removable 
media, if only disks were automatically mounted when inserted like on the mac. 
This sort of works right now if you use magicdev, unfortunately pc floppies 
tend to not support this functionality. This needs alot of thought i guess.


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