Re: snap to grid feature

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002, Gaute Lindkvist wrote:

> whooah... Before an algorithm is decided upon, I think the issue on what
> kind of grid we want should be up for discussion.
> The way I see it, scaling icons into a grid sort of defeats the purpose of
> having scalable and stretchable icons in the first place.
> What we really want is a system for making icons automatically align and
> look systematically placed is it not?
> What if we instead of aligning icons into the square of the grid, align it
> to the intersections? This would mean that icons do not have to be the
> same size to look correct.
> I made a small mockup:

Nautilus already has some code for cleaning up icons. It does this into a 
sort of grid, but icons can cover several grid-squares. It would probably 
be pretty easy to re-use that code.

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