Re: snap to grid feature

On Tue, 2002-08-13 at 10:17, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Aug 2002, Gaute Lindkvist wrote:
> > 
> > whooah... Before an algorithm is decided upon, I think the issue on what
> > kind of grid we want should be up for discussion.
> > The way I see it, scaling icons into a grid sort of defeats the purpose of
> > having scalable and stretchable icons in the first place.
> > 
> > What we really want is a system for making icons automatically align and
> > look systematically placed is it not?
> > 
> > What if we instead of aligning icons into the square of the grid, align it
> > to the intersections? This would mean that icons do not have to be the
> > same size to look correct.
> > 
> > I made a small mockup:
> >
> Nautilus already has some code for cleaning up icons. It does this into a 
> sort of grid, but icons can cover several grid-squares. It would probably 
> be pretty easy to re-use that code.
Your are correct; Although I dont think the codes are being used at all.
I am very much interested in doing snap-to-grid layout for nautilus.  I
would like to get some feedbacks on how snap-to-grid should look and
behaves when one moves icons around to new positions;  Checkout WinXP
desktop snap-to-grid behavior.

here columns and rows hights and width are set by icon with max
hight/width.  Icons are also aligned verically at their respective
horizontal centers.  Icons of different sizes will align very nicely,
but this is not the most efficient layout space wise.

So far this the type of snap-to-grid I like.

Questions I have:
1) What should nautilus do when it runs out of grid cells
	* I will not handle this case at first

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