Re: snap to grid feature

On Fri, 2002-08-16 at 22:15, Reginald Melchisedek Poyau wrote:
> Your are correct; Although I dont think the codes are being used at all.
> I am very much interested in doing snap-to-grid layout for nautilus.  I
> would like to get some feedbacks on how snap-to-grid should look and
> behaves when one moves icons around to new positions;  Checkout WinXP
> desktop snap-to-grid behavior.

well how should layouting look:

personally i like the way how windows does snap to whatever. my personal

a) an option where the user can select if he wants the icons snaped to
   grid when moving them around on the desktop. or having a manual

b) having the right mouse popup menu show a 'snap to grid' entry.

c) something i personally dont like is the way how kde does snap to
   grid. i am more the pixel exact kind of person and don't like it much
   if the icon group top right gets differently layouted as the few
   icons that i may have at the bottom left.

> here columns and rows hights and width are set by icon with max
> hight/width.  Icons are also aligned verically at their respective
> horizontal centers.  Icons of different sizes will align very nicely,
> but this is not the most efficient layout space wise.
> So far this the type of snap-to-grid I like.
> Questions I have:
> 1) What should nautilus do when it runs out of grid cells
> 	* I will not handle this case at first

thats easy...



here some pseudcode thingy....

if (x < 0) {
  x = 0;
  do the layout thingy;

if (y < 0) {
  y = 0;
  do the layout thingy;

if (x > maxscreensizex) {
  x = maxscreensizex - lastgridx;
  do the layout thingy;

if (y > maxscreensizey) {
  y = maxscreensizey - lastgridy;
  do the layout thingy;

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