HTML View and Samba browsing

Howdy. I'm using a Slackware 8.1 distro, and I'm experiencing some problems with Nautilus. Here are the version numbers of the packages I believe to be relevant:


These are all packages as included in the slackware 8.1 distro - I haven't changed any of them.

My first problem involves the Nautilus HTML view. Whenever I try to use it, Galeon will crash, and I get a dialog that says:

The Web Page (Galeon) view encountered an error while starting up

The console gives me the message:

** WARNING **: A view failed. The UI will handle this with a dialog but this should be debugged.

No other information is forthcoming, and I'm not skilled at running debuggers, so I'm afraid I can't be much more helpful than that. The really aggravating thing is that it did work at one point, and I'm not sure what I changed to break it. And now I can't get at the Nautilus help subsystem.

The other question revolves around SMB. I can see all of my Win2k PCs throught the smb: locater, and log in to them using smb://user:passwd server/share, but I would like to be able to use the dialog that pops up when I try to access them in the normal manner.

Unfortunately, the dialog warns that the password will be sent unencrypted, which just won't work because I'm using Win2k on my other machines and I'm not about to patch the registry on all of them, especially when some of them get rebuilt as often as they do. Is there any way to get this dialog to utilize encrypted passwords? I've got my /etc/samba/smb.passwd set up correctly; I can mount -t smbfs, and my kludgy autofs implementation works fine.

Also, while attempting to browse smb hosts, I occasionally get the following error on the console, and nautilus dies:

Eel-CRITICAL **: file eel-list.c: line 736 (eel_list_is_row_selected): assertion `row >= 0' failed.

Eel-ERROR **: file eel-list.c: line 824 (row_set_selected): assertion failed: (row_index >= 0 && row_index < EEL_CLIST (list)->rows)

Has anyone else encountered similar difficulties? Is there anywhere else I can look for information regarding nautilus?


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