Re: HTML View and Samba browsing

On Tue, 2002-08-13 at 22:30, Chris Dimitriou wrote:
>   Howdy.  I'm using a Slackware 8.1 distro, and I'm experiencing some 
> problems with Nautilus.  Here are the version numbers of the packages I 
> believe to be relevant:
> gnome-vfs-1.0.5
> nautilus-1.0.6
> galeon-1.2.5
> gtkhtml-1.0.2
> samba-2.2.4
> mozilla-1.0

> These are all packages as included in the slackware 8.1 distro - I 
> haven't changed any of them.
> My first problem involves the Nautilus HTML view.  Whenever I try to use 
> it, Galeon will crash, and I get a dialog that says:
> The Web Page (Galeon) view encountered an error while starting up
> The console gives me the message:
> ** WARNING **: A view failed.  The UI will handle this with a dialog but 
> this should be debugged.
> No other information is forthcoming, and I'm not skilled at running 
> debuggers, so I'm afraid I can't be much more helpful than that.  The 
> really aggravating thing is that it did work at one point, and I'm not 
> sure what I changed to break it.  And now I can't get at the Nautilus 
> help subsystem.

does galeon run standalone?
to get nautilus help running install nautilus-gtkhtml package

> The other question revolves around SMB.  I can see all of my Win2k PCs 
> throught the smb: locater, and log in to them using 
> smb://user:passwd server/share, but I would like to be able to use the 
> dialog that pops up when I try to access them in the normal manner.
> Unfortunately, the dialog warns that the password will be sent 
> unencrypted, which just won't work because I'm using Win2k on my other 
> machines and I'm not about to patch the registry on all of them, 
> especially when some of them get rebuilt as often as they do.  Is there 
> any way to get this dialog to utilize encrypted passwords?  I've got my 
> /etc/samba/smb.passwd set up correctly; I can mount -t smbfs, and my 
> kludgy autofs implementation works fine.
> Also, while attempting to browse smb hosts, I occasionally get the 
> following error on the console, and nautilus dies:
> Eel-CRITICAL **: file eel-list.c: line 736 (eel_list_is_row_selected): 
> assertion `row >= 0' failed.
> Eel-ERROR **: file eel-list.c: line 824 (row_set_selected): assertion 
> failed: (row_index >= 0 && row_index < EEL_CLIST (list)->rows)
> aborting...
> Has anyone else encountered similar difficulties?  Is there anywhere 
> else I can look for information regarding nautilus?
> Thanks
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