Re: Theme dir..

Tuomas Kuosmanen <tigert ximian com> said:

> On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 13:31, bordoley msu edu wrote:
> > Yes kill nautilus themes, I hqve some more comments too
> Mr. Pruning Saw :^)

I like that one ill have to use that as my irc name when i get home ;-)

> Good comments though :)
> > i agree here too...although some users do like be able to set per 
> > backgrounds. windows does this as well i believe.
> Yeah, lets not kill everything too quick. There are many uses for those
> "unneccessary" things that we have just not thought of, since we have
> not had a real, working file manager / desktop too long. Like I could
> set a [DRAFT] background to a folder that contains pre-release stuff,
> and [CONFIDENTIAL] for all the s3kr1t Ximian conspiracy work* etc etc..
> There are uses for all those visual candy once you start to think of
> Nautilus as your primary way of poking at files. I use the terminal less
> and less these days. Try to have a week without using the terminal at
> all. Before you say it is not realistic, remember that this is what
> *new* users are going to do since they do not know how to use one.. a
> good thing to think about.

to be fair though many users also find per directory attributes like 
backgrounds confusing, so maybe this is an area where a legitimate preference 
is needed.


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