Re: Thankyou.

actually medusa, the nautilus search mechanism, is more powerful than that of 
the gnome search tool. It has problems and needs love but could be very 
easily added back to nautilus. A ui already exists in the existing nautilus 
code base for search so adding this back is not that hard. Benefits of this 
include saving search results as folders in the favorites directory, be able 
to do any action nautilus can do on any file directly, consistency in ui etc.

This should be the long term goal, all major file browser/shells have search 
facilities (finder, explorer, i think even konqueror).

Im not saying this needs to be done now, but it would be really nice in the 


Johnathan Bailes <johnathan bailes esi baesystems com> said:

> Sure integrating it into the shell would be nice but why?  
> The gnome-search-tool is there why not use it?  Why reinvent the wheel?
> There is a  reasonable answer beyond simply feeling that you (or someone
> else on the nautilus team) can do it better.  
> It would put a new dependency on nautilus to have the gnome package that
> includes the search tool installed before installing nautilus.
> However, it was only a suggestion   

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