Re: Future features

I dont think nautilus 2.2 will really be that drastically different. I 
suspect the main changes will be continued clean up of the ui (its alot 
better now but still has a few rough edges), perhaps a new sidebar ui (im 
rooting for this, but it kind of depends if the hackers have time to work on 
it and the ui team agrees with the design, i would like to see the sidebar 
resemble the one used in galeon2). Other than that I would suspect you will 
continue to see speed improvements, perhaps the elimination of nautilus 
specific themes (replace with direct gtk theming and independent icon theming 
that can be used by all apps that need mime-type icons). Other than that im 
not sure, just have to wait and see.


Damien Covey <djcovey softhome net> said:

> What do the developers of Nautilus have planned as future feature of the 
> next major release of Nautilus?  Specificaly I'm wondering what might be 
> new in Nautilus when Gnome 2.2 comes around early next year.  What are 
> we likely to see ?
> Thankyou for any information available.
> Damien
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