Re: Future features

What I _really_ would love to see Nautilus improving on is the sidebar,
as currently it's not really an integrated part and rather feels like a
bandaid for those who can't really live without it. So I don't use it
but Nautilus just doesn't feel efficient when I have to doubleclick a
few dozen times to get where I want to get (and then back). Of course I
could just use the locationbar but then I could just as well continue
using the console like I did before. =)

- Daniel

On Wed, 2002-08-14 at 10:12, bordoley msu edu wrote:
> I dont think nautilus 2.2 will really be that drastically different. I 
> suspect the main changes will be continued clean up of the ui (its alot 
> better now but still has a few rough edges), perhaps a new sidebar ui (im 
> rooting for this, but it kind of depends if the hackers have time to work on 
> it and the ui team agrees with the design, i would like to see the sidebar 
> resemble the one used in galeon2). Other than that I would suspect you will 
> continue to see speed improvements, perhaps the elimination of nautilus 
> specific themes (replace with direct gtk theming and independent icon theming 
> that can be used by all apps that need mime-type icons). Other than that im 
> not sure, just have to wait and see.
> dave

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