Re: html-browser / mime-types / nautilus / gmc / galeon

nautilus 1.0.6 had a web view but it sucked pretty bad as a web browser to be 
honest. With 1.0.6 you can build galeon 1.2 with nautilus support in order to 
use nautilus as a web browser and it tends to work pretty well.

In nautilus 2.0 there was a html view based on gtkhtml but i believe it was 
removed since it too didnt work very well as a web browser. In the future 
galeon2 will provide the nautilus web view (this is dependent on a release of 
mozilla based on gtk2).

In general it seems that nautilus is moving away from the explorer type dual 
web browser file manager and more towards acting as a desktop shell (for lack 
of a better term). There are some major ui differences between a web browser 
and a shell and it seems that galeon just does a better job of being a web 
browser while nautilus does a good job as being shell.

Of course some disagree with this...I dont want to make it seem like i am 
talking for everyone.


Micha mx eazel com said:

> Hello,
> I'm running a Debian Woody 3.0 stable on an amd k6, 128 MB, and use 
> with WMaker starting a desktop-producing gmc,  without gdm or gnome-
> But I have cinfigured gdm and Gnome on the first run in the usual way.
> Is it true that both gmc and Nautilus Version 1.6 do not  inherit an 
> html-Browser ( like Konqueror does ) ? 
> Nautilus here seems not to offer such a feature in the 'view as' menues. I 
> wonder about that. I configured gcontrol ( V.1.4.05 ) to open html-Pages 
> Galeon, but am not really satisfied with that. Maybe there exists another 
> even smarter browser which comes up as quick as ( for example ) electric 
> eyes...?
> Please reply directly to me.
> Thanks
> -- 
> Micha Wordehoff
> Germany
> -- 
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