Re: File renaming

see bug 83552 it even has a patch. click to rename generally just doesn´t 
work well and if i remember correctly conflicts pretty badly with single 
click mode. I talked with calum about this and he didnt seem to mind just 
getting rid of it especially with F2 to rename and having a context menu 


Steve Fox <drfickle k-lug org> said:

> I was shocked today to find that Nautilus (I'm using 2.0.3) now supports
> renaming of files by delayed clicking on the file like Windows does when
> in "View as List" mode. 
> This is one of the biggest design flaws in Windows. Why is it being
> copied here? I remember this being discussed on the list some time ago,
> but I thought the consensus was to have people use F2 or the rename
> option in the context menu?
> Can this "feature" *please* be reverted in a future release? It makes it
> extremely difficult to use the list view unless you're a perfect mouse
> clicker. I would think this qualifies as an accessibility issue too.
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> Steve Fox
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