Re: File renaming

On Fri, 2002-08-16 at 04:00, Christian Rose wrote:
> On 14 Aug 2002, Daniel Borgmann wrote:
> > BTW, currently the middle mouse button is unused, can't we use this for
> > renaming? KDE has middle mouse button to open something in a new window
> > which is consistent with the webbrowser, but IMO renaming is something
> > that people want more often than open in new window. This could maybe
> > also be a preference (yes, I don't think it would be crack) so you can
> > choose weither middleclick should rename or open in new window.
> Don't know why you think such a preference wouldn't be crack -- to me it
> seems like a schoolbook example of a crack preference. The kind of crack
> preference that solely exists because the developers couldn't decide on
> the best behavior, not because there is an actual need for the preference.

In a perfect world we wouldn't even have the single/double click
preference and then we could probably just choose a sane default
behaviour. But sadly I doubt this will ever happen, so a user's needs
can differ quite a lot. For example a doubleclick user might prefer to
simply select the file, then press F2, while a singleclick user doesn't
have this option. Also some people might have open in new window as
default anyway, so this functionality would be useless to them while
other people might like it a lot. 
(And yes, I would prefer not even to have singleclick/doubleclick an
option as I could live with both and would just prefer some wellworking
standard *sigh*)

- Daniel

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