Re: Future features

On Thu, 2002-08-15 at 23:46, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-08-14 at 10:43, Daniel Borgmann wrote:
> > What I _really_ would love to see Nautilus improving on is the sidebar,
> > as currently it's not really an integrated part and rather feels like a
> > bandaid for those who can't really live without it. So I don't use it
> > but Nautilus just doesn't feel efficient when I have to doubleclick a
> > few dozen times to get where I want to get (and then back). Of course I
> > could just use the locationbar but then I could just as well continue
> > using the console like I did before. =)
> By the way, have you tried key navigation, I use it all the time and it
> is very handy in navigating places.
>    * set "open in current window" by default
>    * set "use home folder as desktop"
> So that your files are *right there* on the desktop (one step less to
> get into them) - also if you have unique enough names for the folders
> you can just click the desktop to focus it, press "c" for "cvs" folder,
> press enter to open it, press "g" for "gnome" and press enter to go
> there etc..

Well, I prefer to use my desktop only for temporary work while my home
folder is rather the "archive". :) This way I have the files I need to
work on right there and don't have to create thousands of folders but
also can sort my files conveniently. But basically I don't need the tree
much when working in my home folder but when working on files all over
my computer (system files for example or global themes, whatever. I
would use local themes but working with hidden files is even more of a
pain in Nautilus!). If Nautilus really should be usefull as a complete
terminal replacement, this is needed IMO.
Also it needs a simply way to deal with administrator files, as the user
at a private desktop system is in 99,99% the administrator. It should
neither be neccessary to run a special Nautilus instance (like KDE does
it), nor should it be neccessary to type in the password for every
single action (this would be a pain). Currently I try running my desktop
as root and besides all the paranoia, I'm really pleasantly surprised so
far, work is a lot more convenient and I'm actually using Nautilus most
of the time now instead of the terminal. It should be possible to work
similar to this in usermode, at least that's what I'm dreaming about. :)

- Daniel

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