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Damien Covey wrote:

bordoley msu edu wrote:

see bug 83552 it even has a patch. click to rename generally just doesn?t work well and if i remember correctly conflicts pretty badly with single click mode. I talked with calum about this and he didnt seem to mind just getting rid of it especially with F2 to rename and having a context menu option.


Steve Fox <drfickle k-lug org> said:

I was shocked today to find that Nautilus (I'm using 2.0.3) now supports
renaming of files by delayed clicking on the file like Windows does when
in "View as List" mode.
This is one of the biggest design flaws in Windows. Why is it being
copied here? I remember this being discussed on the list some time ago,
but I thought the consensus was to have people use F2 or the rename
option in the context menu?

Can this "feature" *please* be reverted in a future release? It makes it
extremely difficult to use the list view unless you're a perfect mouse
clicker. I would think this qualifies as an accessibility issue too.


Steve Fox
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I can see how this migh be annoying people. But I do find it useful so if you are to get rid of it please make sure that before it goes that there is a "hotkey" like F2 to rename and a context menu. Also, please ensure that when creating new folders, or files, that users can name that folder or file something meaningful other than "New folder".


I like the MS Windows implementation. And it's very different from Nautilus': In Windows Explorer the renaming will only take place after a delay after second click *on the filename*. Nautilus, on the other hand, does not differenciate between the icon and the filename: So a double-click on an *icon* suddenly enables the rename feature. Which can get annoying if i was trying to "enter" a folder, and instead am kinda prompoted to rename it.

I believe the current implementation could take some improvement. But the feature as such - as found in MS explorer - is great.


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