USB Camera Sync

I'm rather new to this list, but I thought I would post this...

I have a USB camera which is supported under the USB mass storage driver
(Epson PhotoPC 3100Z).  My camera isn't supported by GPhoto, so I
decided to write a little Gtk Perl script (12k).  It can be run as a
nautilus script, or stand alone, depending on how the variables are set
at the top of the script.  The script as well as screenshots of the
interface are available at

I've only tested it with my Epson camera, but I think it will work with
other USB mass storage cameras if they are setup correctly. (I have the
storage driver, hotplug and an fstab entry...more information on the web

I'm not a great perl programmer, but I though I would post it in case it
might be of some use to someone.  


Justin Ribeiro  

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