XmlView 0.4 for Nautilus

Thanks to the GNOME Summary for reminding me to try XmlView
<http://personales.ciudad.com.ar/godiard/>, I finally did. 

I really like this!

A couple minor issues:

1) It would be nice to do some line-wrapping. I was testing it using the
output from: http://www.gnome.org/export/rss_newreleases.php. I'm one
who hates horizontal scrollbars.

2) The synxtax highlighting doesn't seem to deal with dark "Select"
colors (I'm using Bluecurve which highlights the selected line with a
blue background).  It would be nice if some kind of color inversion

3) It doesn't register itself as the default XML handler by default. It
would be nice to do this magically so the user doesn't have to change
the settings.

Great work though. This makes reading XML output from crackpipe programs
much easier than using Gvim. Thanks!


Steve Fox

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