unnecessary calls to layout functions

I notice that Nautilus calls
nautilus-icon-container.c/lay_down_icons_horizontal function multiple
times during copy/move operations to update captions (size) of files
being copied/moved.

At most Nautilus should only call lay_down_icons_horizontal once to
place new icons.  Nautilus should have fixed label and captions areas;
captions area would vary according to captions settings

fixed label area + fixed caption area = fixed text area.

that being said, nautilus can then update variable captions and icons
labels by manupulating icon item canvas item directly to avoid needless
calls to layout functions, since the text and captions areas would be
fixed.  Icon labels would have to be pruned and 'line feed' to fit into
label area.  My suggestion is to make the label area four lines x
standard icon width.  

While on this topic, why does nautilus allows users to stretch
individual icons when there is a global zoom level setting. Stretchable
icons is really in my *opinion* a totally unnecessary and unless feature
that adds needless overhead to layout functions.  The overhead would be
worst if nautilus did properly aligned icons.

btw I did not even know nautilus allows one to stretch icons untill I
looked at the code;  I have been using/testing nautilus for a while.
Maybe a poll should be done to see how many users actually use and like
this feature.  Like 'the sort of poll' (download statistic of archive
scripts) on how many users would like to see nautilus support archives.

Btw I also notice that nautilus list view does not shorten files' labels
anymore to fit into file name column;
	full label   : foo icon name blah blah 
	shorten label: foo icon...blahblah

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