Re: [Galeon-devel] Re: Galeon-Mozilla thread on nautilus-list from 2002 April

El vie, 23-08-2002 a las 18:23, bordoley msu edu escribió:
> > 2) bookmark handling - Shouldn't GNOME provide a generic bookmarking
> > system so that whatever bookmarks you make in Galeon or Nautilus or any
> > other GNOME application would be shared? We're really just talking about
> > a GConf registry linking the name of the bookmark to some gnome-vfs
> > url...
> > 
> Interesting idea. I think the galeon bookmark code is probably portable 
> enough where other apps could use it (Marco???)
> I'm sort of mixed on this idea for nautilus. I guess from my perspective 
> bookmarks in nautilus don't really make sense. Who really bookmarks local 
> files. IMHO something akin to a mac os favorites directory would be much more 
> powerful or maybe just a network folder as has been proposed in the past for 
> networked locations. (I should admit my bias, I rather see nautilus be a 
> really good shell app than a web browser)

One of my goals when rewriting galeon's bookmark code was to keep it as
independent of galeon as possible. It currently is a (static) lib that
can be compiled without the rest of galeon. This was done for
maintainability reasons only.

So, the current bookmark library does not depend on galeon. However, it
has been designed with a web browser in mind, and I'm not sure that it
would be useful for a file manager. 

> > 3) URL completion - the URL completion in Galeon's great... it'd be nice
> > if the Nautilus view completed URL's too...
> > 
> Once again this is functionality the nautilus shell would have to provide. 
> Dont really have an opinion here though.

In galeon2, the autocompletion system is also independent of galeon, and
actually i had thought about cleaning it and the location entry widget
and proposing them to libegg. It could be useful for entering filenames
or urls.

I wanted first to try to improve its performance. It currently takes a
lot of time building the GtkTreeView and GtkListStore to show possible

Ricardo Fernández Pascual
ric users sourceforge net
Murcia. España.

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