Re: Galeon-Mozilla thread on nautilus-list from 2002 April

Hey...I'm taking marco and alex off of my reply and instead adding both the 
nautilus and galeon lists to this instead.

Joshua Adam Ginsberg <joshg myrealbox com> said:

> Hey y'all -
> I was very interested to read the thread from a couple of months ago
> about the Galeon Nautilus integration plans, and I wanted to just toss
> out what I'd consider ideal:

I wouldn't really call it integration. Galeon and Nautilus are and will 
continue to be seperate applications (imho i think they should always be 
seperate). Galeon will provide nautilus with an HTML view that could be used 
for web browsing. This interface, however, is not as powerful as the one used 
in galeon. 

True integration between galeon and nautilus will probably never happen as 
this type of integration is sort of detrimental to the ui's of each program. 
I would point you to the galeon manifesto:

> 1) tabbed browsing - Galeon does tabbed browsing better than anybody.
> Period. I would hope the Galeon view would evolve to include a tabbed
> interface, if this is even possible given current software
> architecture...

Each program's shell needs to provide a tabbed interface. Most likely 
nautilus's shell will never have a tabbed interface for numerous reasons, ill 
list a few:

1. nautilus uses a spacial window placement UI. This means that window 
location is stored per directory (this applies mostly to single window usage, 
however in browser mode it is quite useful for opening folder from the 

2. Alex (one of the maintainers) has previously expressed the opinion that he 
does not want a tabbed interface in nautilus.

3. The use of an Tabbed interface can make the UI more complicated. 

4. The gnome HIG strongly discourages the use of Multiple Document 
Interfaces. There are exceptions to this rule (web browsing perhaps being one 
of them) I don't personally think file management falls into this category.

> 2) bookmark handling - Shouldn't GNOME provide a generic bookmarking
> system so that whatever bookmarks you make in Galeon or Nautilus or any
> other GNOME application would be shared? We're really just talking about
> a GConf registry linking the name of the bookmark to some gnome-vfs
> url...

Interesting idea. I think the galeon bookmark code is probably portable 
enough where other apps could use it (Marco???)

I'm sort of mixed on this idea for nautilus. I guess from my perspective 
bookmarks in nautilus don't really make sense. Who really bookmarks local 
files. IMHO something akin to a mac os favorites directory would be much more 
powerful or maybe just a network folder as has been proposed in the past for 
networked locations. (I should admit my bias, I rather see nautilus be a 
really good shell app than a web browser)

> 3) URL completion - the URL completion in Galeon's great... it'd be nice
> if the Nautilus view completed URL's too...

Once again this is functionality the nautilus shell would have to provide. 
Dont really have an opinion here though.


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