[Bug 91344] New - Toolbar icon buttons should have minimum width

Hi Guys,

	I'd like to fix this bug; but the problem is that if I do this - since
we split the 'Forward/Backward' popdowns into separate control widgets
for reasons I don't understand; why did we do that ?

	In order to fix this I'd need to switch them back into the Controls -
and fix the parent backround issue in-proc. So I'll take a look at this,
unless someone screams,



> +Summary: Toolbar icon buttons should have minimum width
> +
> +There should be a minimum width for a toolbar icon button, otherwise
> +buttons like "Up" and "Back" in Nautilus become too narrow which is a
> +serious usability issue. I would suggest that the minimum width should be
> +the height of the button like in Galeon(1).
> +
> +I received this mail from bordoley msu edu:
> +"This is a bug in bonobo. There has been a little discussion on the correct
> +way for this to be done, and i believe the current consensus is that there
> +should be a minimum width for buttons so that you do not have the problem
> +you described below, while buttons with longer labels are allowed to be
> +wider. I think a bonobo ui bug may already be open, but if not file one
> +please."
> +
> +and couldn't find an already existing bug for it.
 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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