Re: Nautilus usability and nit-picks

<quote who="Chris Chabot">

> First of all, when i drag & drop a file  (from window to window or 
> window to desktop) it copies the file, instead of moving it.. This for 
> me feels as very counter-intuitive (in real life when i move stuff 
> around, it doesn't copy it self, but actualy 'moves' ;-) Also this is 
> the type of behaviour Windows has made me to come to expect from a file 
> manager.. drag&drop = move..

Windows and Nautilus seem to follow the same behaviour, but it's a bit less
obvious under *nix. That is:

  If you're dragging to a location on the same volume, move. If you're
  dragging to a location on a different volume, copy.

> Secondly when i right-click on a folder (with files copy or cut) and 
> select 'Paste Files', it pastes it to the root, and not into the folder 
> i right clicked! Again i have come to expect that this would mean 'Past 
> the files into the folder i selected' and not 'paste it into the current 
> window'

Interesting one. In bugzilla?

> Also, when you try to double a file that hasn't been associated with an 
> application yet, it will ask you if you want to do so now.. Then when 
> you do (forinstance in my case, associate a .php file with gedit) it 
> doesn't open the .php file when you ok'd the association.. (ie: you have 
> to double click it again). This also feels counter-intuitive and 
> counter-pre-learned

Good one.

> Lastly, but thats just a nit-pick, it seems odd that the menu reads 'Cut 
> File' (or files with multiple selected) instead of just 'Cut'. First of 
> all a user might not have a 'file' reference.. its his 'document' right? 
> Secondly, it's different from that i'm used to (in windows, etc you 
> always 'cut' whatever you selected.. be it text, files or whatever). 
> Lastly it gets to be confusing when i select folders and files.. cut 
> files.. does that include the folders i selected?! I apreciate the 
> 'wordy user friendlyness' attempted, but it has only served to confuse 
> me in that case)

It might not always be a document, so perhaps changing these strings would
be good (in 2.1.x!).

> (Note: sending to both gnome and redhat lists, since it feels apropiate 
> for both. Experiances are based on redhat's latest beta (null) with 
> nautilus 2.0.4)

I've replied to both, and added nautilus-list, where it is 100% relevant.

- Jeff

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