Re: Nautilus usability and nit-picks

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Chris Chabot">
First of all, when i drag & drop a file  (from window to window or 
window to desktop) it copies the file, instead of moving it.. This for 
me feels as very counter-intuitive (in real life when i move stuff 
around, it doesn't copy it self, but actualy 'moves' ;-) Also this is 
the type of behaviour Windows has made me to come to expect from a file 
manager.. drag&drop = move..
Windows and Nautilus seem to follow the same behaviour, but it's a bit less
obvious under *nix. That is:
If you're dragging to a location on the same volume, move. If you're
dragging to a location on a different volume, copy.
Ahh, actualy yes, that was my bad. The thing is that i have my .gnome-desktop linked to a NFS shared location .. this way i have a common desktop on all my work stations. In this process it is eay to forget that indeed it 'is a different volume'. It still seems a little counter-unix style though.. you mount a nfs share (be it your .gnome-desktop dir or a complete home directory) into your file system; Fully transparent. This is quite opposite to the windows philosophy where a network share is quite appart from your local file systems. (Windows treats eveything as different drives where-as unix treats everything as a global storage tree on the same 'drive')

Is it the right-thing-to-do to follow the Microsoft Windows(Tm) way of move/copy when our file system philosophy is so different? (thats an actual question, not rhetorical) or are we over-duplicating windows behaviour here?

    -- Chris

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