Re: Nautilus usability and nit-picks

On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 13:37, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> > Lastly, but thats just a nit-pick, it seems odd that the menu reads 'Cut 
> > File' (or files with multiple selected) instead of just 'Cut'. First of 
> > all a user might not have a 'file' reference.. its his 'document' right? 
> > Secondly, it's different from that i'm used to (in windows, etc you 
> > always 'cut' whatever you selected.. be it text, files or whatever). 
> > Lastly it gets to be confusing when i select folders and files.. cut 
> > files.. does that include the folders i selected?! I apreciate the 
> > 'wordy user friendlyness' attempted, but it has only served to confuse 
> > me in that case)
> It might not always be a document, so perhaps changing these strings would
> be good (in 2.1.x!).

The ui-review recommended just having Cut, Copy and Paste rather than
appending the object type (especially as it was showing the wrong object
type in at least one place, IIRC)... dunno why that change didn't get


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