Re: [Bug 91344] New - Toolbar icon buttons should have minimum width

Hey Michael,

Jorn split those up because i think it was the only way he could get the pull 
down arrows to work correctly. Anyway, see galeon1 for an example for how 
these are supposed to work.

some problems right now include
1. mousing over the arrow doesnt highlight the whole button, only the arrow.
2. right clicking on the button doesnt work anymore.

also pixmap themes sometimes break with bonobo toolbars(im sure you're aware 
of this).

Great to hear you're working on this.


Michael Meeks <michael ximian com> said:

> Hi Guys,
> 	I'd like to fix this bug; but the problem is that if I do this - since
> we split the 'Forward/Backward' popdowns into separate control widgets
> for reasons I don't understand; why did we do that ?
> 	In order to fix this I'd need to switch them back into the Controls -
> and fix the parent backround issue in-proc. So I'll take a look at this,
> unless someone screams,
> 	Regards,
> 		Michael.
> > +Summary: Toolbar icon buttons should have minimum width
> > +
> > +There should be a minimum width for a toolbar icon button, otherwise
> > +buttons like "Up" and "Back" in Nautilus become too narrow which is a
> > +serious usability issue. I would suggest that the minimum width should be
> > +the height of the button like in Galeon(1).
> > +
> > +I received this mail from bordoley msu edu:
> > +"This is a bug in bonobo. There has been a little discussion on the 
> > +way for this to be done, and i believe the current consensus is that 
> > +should be a minimum width for buttons so that you do not have the problem
> > +you described below, while buttons with longer labels are allowed to be
> > +wider. I think a bonobo ui bug may already be open, but if not file one
> > +please."
> > +
> > +and couldn't find an already existing bug for it.
> > 
> > 
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