Re: Galeon-Mozilla thread on nautilus-list from 2002 April

On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 12:23, bordoley msu edu wrote:
> I'm sort of mixed on this idea for nautilus. I guess from my perspective 
> bookmarks in nautilus don't really make sense. Who really bookmarks local 

Actually I think Nautilus bookmarks make tons of sense.  Think about
remote locations, deep hierarchies, etc.

The main problem here is that nautilus bookmarks are missing some
important features (i.e. hierarchal ordering).  Fortunately, I've been
working on fixing this (mainly so toolbar bookmarks can be well

> files. IMHO something akin to a mac os favorites directory would be much more 
> powerful or maybe just a network folder as has been proposed in the past for 

Whether we provide a vfolder view of the bookmarks or not is an
orthogonal issue.

> networked locations. (I should admit my bias, I rather see nautilus be a 
> really good shell app than a web browser)

Yeah, you've said a couple of times now... :)

- David

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