Re: Galeon-Mozilla thread on nautilus-list from 2002 April


Sorry to take so long replying to this.

David Emory Watson <dwatson cs ucr edu> said:

> On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 12:23, bordoley msu edu wrote:
> > I'm sort of mixed on this idea for nautilus. I guess from my perspective 
> > bookmarks in nautilus don't really make sense. Who really bookmarks local 
> Actually I think Nautilus bookmarks make tons of sense.  Think about
> remote locations, deep hierarchies, etc.

Well first I think the term bookmark is really poor here as the metaphor isn't
that strong (but i'll avoid this issue, since it doesn't matter that much).
But anyway I would rather be able to add network locations like is possible in
windows, where these locations are added to the virtual filesystem hierarchy,
which allows them to be accessed via file selectors etc. That is much more
powerful than a simple link.

> The main problem here is that nautilus bookmarks are missing some
> important features (i.e. hierarchal ordering).  Fortunately, I've been
> working on fixing this (mainly so toolbar bookmarks can be well
> integrated).

>>IMHO something akin to a mac os favorites directory would be much more 
>> powerful or maybe just a network folder as has been proposed in the past for 
> Whether we provide a vfolder view of the bookmarks or not is an
> orthogonal issue.

Actually its not orthogonal at all since I propose using the vfolder method
along with .desktop files to provide bookmark functionality. This would
provide all the functionality that is currently missing from the current setup
(ie. hierarchical ordering :) ). Along with this, the standard icon and list
views could be used for bookmark editing, similar to menu editing (every
bookmark editor I have ever used has amounted to a simple file manager).

Well just wanted to get those few points in.


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