Re: konqueror's answer to the scripts folder?

Just to chime in, I think mime-type specific menu stuff could be very cool.
One cool things that could be added via this mechanism would be package
management (ie. install/remove this package). However just searching through
those threads, it is apparent that some of the functionality provided by
scripts is far more general, so perhaps having both mechanism would be a plus.
It would be nice if the services as used in konqueror could be standardized
across both desktop too.

Oh and in regards to "send this file" at least with explorer on win2k, there
is a standard context menu entry "send to =>." Even though I haven't really
used this functionality, it may be something we want to add eventually.


David Emory Watson <dwatson cs ucr edu> said:

> Hey Dave,
> How will mime aware scripts be related to the context menu hooks that
> others have discussed?
> One problem is that many scripts will have a huge number of mime types
> associated with them (e.g. tar, or "send this file").  So even if
> scripts were mime aware, we would still need to offer the most common
> actions on the top level of the context menu (i.e. not buried in the
> scripts menu).
> Anyhow, these two emails make for some interesting reading:
>  - dew

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