Re: konqueror's answer to the scripts folder?

On Thu, 2002-08-29 at 16:08, Jens Askengren wrote:
> tor 2002-08-29 klockan 16.59 skrev Ryan Muldoon:
> > The big design win here is that they can restrict the listing by 
> > what MIME type the file is, so the list of actions isn't too long.
> >  This would be a nice improvement on the scripts feature in Nautilus, 
> > I think.  Maybe for 2.2 if someone has time.
> Hmm... may I ask why this script menu exsists in nautilus at all?
> To me, the script menu appears to be just another "Open with"-menu
> without mime-type filtering. 

I think that it might be fairly tedious to set so many different actions
by mime type if the current file-properties capplet is not seriously
editing for user functionality.  Would actions like "open gnome terminal
here" be associated with folders?  

What about the print script there are a lot of different file types that
be printed directly to a printer most of the text subtypes, ps and pdf
files but setting all the text subtypes like C, perl and other code type
files sounds more annoying that keeping it generic unless you can
specify the action to an entire category as viewed in the file
properties list.

I actually list the scripts folder idea as one of the great benefits of
nautilus.  It is a very unix-like (in the best sort of way) idea of
flexibly giving the user a way to script their own actions to executed
against files and dirs.  However, having a proper file types filter for
these actions would either be great depending on how it is implemented
or horrible in the sense that it takes a great simple idea and extends
it to the point that using the function is just too much of a pain in
the ass to bother with.

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