Re: Integration of samba in nautilus

First excuse my english, I am an American.

There is no way to smbmount "permanently" a windows network share to
some memorable location with nautilus.

However, you can bookmark the location which is almost as good except
for command line copying and such.

There are many more people here that have much firmer grasps on the
workings of samba support that might be able to give you better
solutions but I have a couple of bookmarked network locations and it
works fine.

One of the biggest problem with nautilus in my opinion is the fact that
Gnome has no central place to set up samba networking information that
nautilus can use to set network browsing preferences.  The proper place
I think would be in the network-properties capplet under desktop

There is no place to put information like I want to browse as myself so
I see the home dirs of the samba enabled Solaris development box and
such. There is no place to set up the master browser as a certain
machine or the preferred NT domain. 

Also, as you mentioned there is currently no Network Neighborhood icon
type thingee on the desktop or sidebar or bookmarks.  If you combine the
two ideas, you can have nautilus only set up such icons if you specify
network browsing preferences.  There is someone currently working on the
idea of giving a user an indication that network browsing is available.

On Fri, 2002-08-30 at 03:03, eneko astorkiza ieuskadi com wrote:
> Firstly excuse my english, i'm spanish.
> I have recently tried to become my linux box in my office computer (all my
> office is working with windows)
> One of the bigest problems i have seen are the samba shares.
> I have seen that installing gnome-vfs-extra package i can put "smb:"  in
> the navigation bar an see the samba shares.
> The problem is that i have to map some network drives to work always with
> them (i know how to do it from console, but ...).
> Do you think about incuding a menu with "Map network drive".
> And like in konqueror include the "network neighborhoood" in the tree ?
> Un saludo
>       Eneko
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