Re: konqueror's answer to the scripts folder?

tor 2002-08-29 klockan 16.59 skrev Ryan Muldoon:

> The big design win here is that they can restrict the listing by 
> what MIME type the file is, so the list of actions isn't too long.
>  This would be a nice improvement on the scripts feature in Nautilus, 
> I think.  Maybe for 2.2 if someone has time.

Hmm... may I ask why this script menu exsists in nautilus at all?
To me, the script menu appears to be just another "Open with"-menu
without mime-type filtering. 

If the mime settings panel would allow you to associate multiple
programs with a mime type, and if nautilus did display all associated
programs in the "Open with"-menu there would be no need for the script
menu. (Ok, this kind of works, but it's buggy)

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