Re: Icon name length bug

On 27 Aug 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Michael Petnuch <michael petnuch com> writes:
> > Nautilus has a bug where is does not cap the lenght of a filename and
> > lets it be as long as it wants.  For instance the file name
> > this_is_a_very_long_file_name_and_will_not_be_wrapped.txt will look just
> > like that in nautilus.
> > 
> > Yet the filename this-is-a-very-long-file-name-and-will-be-wrapped-.txt
> > does get wrapped.
> There's an open feature request about this (filed against
> Pango). Pango needs a wrap mode that first tries word wrap, then falls
> back to character-based wrap. This would then be used for the icon
> text.

Yeah. I'd love for that to be fixed. Moving to only character-based wrap 
in nautilus looks really really bad.

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