Re: nautilus and mozilla

Il mar, 2002-08-27 alle 04:51, bordoley msu edu ha scritto:
> John:
> Perhaps we could add a FAQ to nautilus web page. I can't really provide 
> details on compiling etc. since I haven't done it in awhile (lack of a home 
> network connection has basically left me unable to do much work, hopefully 
> this will be remedied soon).
> Perhaps Marco could write up something, since he probably has the most 
> experience building a gtk2 mozilla and galeon.
> dave

I've put yesterday something very basic in the INSTALL of galeon module
Hopefully gtkmozembed patches will be committed to avoid this pain.

We are adding some info about the port on galeon web page.
Adding a link to the nautilus web page sounds like a good idea to me.
I'll let you know the url when I know it :)


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